Time you Actually Need to Perform an Umrah

No doubt in the fact that, majority of the Muslims are aware of the term, ‘Umrah’. This is the second highest pilgrimage after Hajj which is performed by millions every single year.

Majority of the individuals have this misconception in the mind that, performing Umrah does require a visit to Madinah in addition with Makkah. Well, this is just a misconception. You only have to visit Makkah to perform the complete act of Umrah in the company of near and dear ones.

Clarifying the Time

Another notion of the holy act of Umrah is that, it can be performed in a single day depending on the crowd you find inside the Majsid Al Haram. Most people prefer to perform Umrah after the Hajj time is over due to less crowd and more space to move around the sacred Kaaba.

Even most of the people thought performing Umrah is a matter of scheduled time which is absolutely false. One can perform the same any time of the day either in the company of family or alone.

So, now that you have cleared the doubt related to time duration of Umrah, it is the best way to book Umrah package to Royal Makkah Tours to experience eternal blessings in a hassle-free manner.