Hajj is more than just pilgrimage

Hajj is more than just pilgrimage. It is a duty for every Muslim and for this reason every year millions of devotees visit holy places of Islam. The places are in Saudi Arabia and Muslims from all across the globe go to the Saudi Arab to pay a visit to the holy places – Mecca and Medina.

For Hajj, most Muslims rely on help that they get from tour and travel companies. Some companies are dedicated to Hajj travel and they provide travel plans for every Muslim. It hardly matters whether you are financial strong or dependent as you can easily find a travel plan suitable for your needs.Hajj Packages

What is a Hajj travel plan?

The plan includes everything you need for visiting Mecca and Medina. The operator would take care of your daily needs like accommodation and transportation. Also the operator would help in arranging documents. Simply put, the operator would make travel cheaper, smarter and convenient. But one should look into credentials of an operator before buying a plan.

Indian Muslims are warned of the frauds that take place in the name of religious tourism. Muslims from Indian cities like Hyderabad, Lucknow, Srinagar and Bangalore buy packages from sub agents of big travel companies. These agents hide information and try selling expensive plans by cutting corners.

A Hajj package should be all inclusive. There should be no hidden costs or taxes added to the plan. The customer should pay once for the tour and he shouldn’t be made to pay again and again on one pretext or another. Muslims buy packages to save time and money and if they don’t save time and money then, they would repent buying the plans.

How to choose a travel plan?

What you can do is relying on your tour operator. Check whether the operator is reliable or not. If the operator is unreliable then never buy your Hajj package from that operator. You can find many people working as tour operators in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna and in other cities but most operators are sub agents of big Saudi travel companies.

Get information on your tour operator from his website or his office, if the website is empty or provides dubious information. Rely on written agreement and promises instead of relying on words of mouth. You should know that Saudi government wants every Muslim to visit the Islamic religious places and it is ready to provide real help to Muslims. Your Hajj package should make your travel more convenient instead of difficult.

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