How to Make a Trip to Umrah

Traveling is the real bliss of life that let you have new experiences, an opportunity to explore different places, and meet people of varied nature, culture and tradition. It is also a way to enrich your knowledge regarding a particular place and widen your horizon of thinking level at different places.

A trip can be leisure pleasure or for business purpose that sure to meet your requirements in the best manner. However, few trips are meant to offer inner peace, zeal, and tranquillity. One of such trip can be of UmrahYatra mainly recommended for Muslims living in various parts of the globe. A religious journey to the sacred lands of Makkah and Madinah is something different and more auspicious than any other journey you make in the lifetime.

For few Islamic individuals performing Umrah is like a mandatory affair to best prove their immense love and respect for love and also to satiate the long-lasting desire of visiting Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi. However, many of you like to perform Umrah mainly to experience the monumental feeling and grandeur of praying together in the company of millions of people around sharing the same set of faith and generosity.

No matter whatever the purpose you are seeking for the successful completion of UmrahYatra. It is actually a perfect travel plan that can provide you unbeatable pleasure and the way to create so many memories out there. In this regard, available deals of RoyalMakkahtours like Umrah Deluxe Packages, Umrah Economy Packages, Umrah Luxury Packages, Corporate Umrah Packages, and various others sure to make the whole journey goes comfortable and memorable. This is possible by way of finding every single facility like air ticket, hotel booking, visa, local transfer, food, and guide service all inclusive in a single best deal which is offered at a pocket-soothing price.

Private Umrah Packages

When you think of doing something special for inner peace and tranquillity, then first thing comes to your mind is reviving the name of almighty and the highest deity. Especially for Muslims the name of Allah is more than anything to find everything goes complete and peace everywhere.

Another special thing about Islamic individuals is their unified effort to come together for a great ever pilgrimage of Umrah every single year. What an astonishing sight it would be for you to stand in the middle of Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi saying peaceful prayers in the name of Allah and receiving positive vibes from every single direction.

The moment is actually mesmerizing and memorable for millions of Muslims visiting every now and then. Now that particular moment can be yours when you think of booking Private Umrah Packages. This is going to be best opportunity for you to make all the travel arrangements to Saudi Arabia with all the inclusive things inside and travel hassle free under the supervision of an expert guide.

Most important thing is your own set of privacy that you enjoy during the whole trip that surely make you feel good and luxurious in nature.

Look at the Advantages Traveling through a Private Package

  • Save Time & Effort: One of the best deal about Umrah private package is no need to wait at the airport for the fellow travellers coming with you. The booked guide will pick you only personally in a shortest possible time and take you all the places in a private set of transportation.
  • Luxurious Stay: There is no denying the fact that traveling under a private package let you experience best Saudi Arabian style hospitality in a star studded lodging which is massive, monumental, filled with world class amenities and state of the art architecture.

Have your Own Time: Going to Makkah and Madinah on a private package tour gives you freedom to travel hassle-free anywhere you like as the guide will compel all your requests in a hassle-free manner.

Book Hotels Online Makkah and Madinah

Going for Umrah or Hajj is considered really special for every single Muslim individual who has unconditional faith and love for Allah. With every single year the number of pilgrims going to Makkah and Madinah increasing at a rapid rate, so is the faith in the act itself to receive eternal blessing for a lifetime and removing poverty from life.

There are many who think of heading towards the holy lands of Saudi Arabia and let the Hajj or Umrah brings ultimate fruit in life. For most individuals booking Umrah customized packages or Hajj packages is the ideal way to make the journey goes hassle-free and convenient at a low cost.

One of the benefits of going customized for Umrah or Hajj packages is mainly to choose the facilities and services that you like the most and that mainly fall under your budget. Most importantly with the liberty to book hotels online Makkah and Madinah, majority of travellers prefer a customized package deal to look for an ideal lodging and book the same that comes under the packaged deal.

Book from the Recognised Hotels Close to Main Mosques

When you think of booking a customized packaged deal for Makkah and Madinah, you have the liberty to choose from the royal, luxurious and monumental lodgings of both the city that have no par in terms of facilities, luxury service and top rated lodging pleasure.

Prefer some of the best-rated hotels of both the cities:

  • Swissotel Makkah (100 meters from Masjid Al Haram)
  • Raffles Makkah Palace (Walking distance from Masjid Al Haram)
  • Hilton Suites Makkah (Walking distance from Masjid Al Haram)
  • Hotel Fairmont Makkah (100 Meters away from Masjid Al Haram)
  • Madinah Hilton (Walking distance away from Masjid Al Nabawi)
  • Hotel Pullman ZamzamMadina (Walking distance away from Masjid Al Nabawi)
  • Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah (2-Minute walking distance from Masjid Al Nabawi)
  • Crowne Plaza Madinah (Walking distance from Masjid Al Nabawi)

Budget Hotels in Makkah

Heading towards the sacred city of Makkah has always been very special moment for Muslim individuals. This is because of the reason that the city is highly religious in terms of the presence of Prophet Mohammed number of years ago and the way Islamic religion started from there that has now spread all across the globe.

Every single year millions of devotees perform the religious acts of Hajj and Umrah to best display their love for Allah and to receive blessings for a lifetime.

One of the reasons for major footfall in the holy city of Makkah is due to availability of Hajj packages and Umrah packages especially offer of Islamic individuals that find it mandatory to fulfil the journey but confined within limited budget sphere.

This is a genuine fact that a package is much comfortable and pocket-friendly as compared to the individual’s booking of flight, hotel, local transportation, and guide. In addition to that, availability of budget hotels in Makkah is added attraction for religious travellers to best experience Saudi Arabian style hospitality under the realm of a luxurious yet affordable lodging.

Means to Find Budget Hotels in Makkah

If you are one looking forward to book favoured choice of Makkah package in the upcoming time and most likely to find best budget hotel, then you should definitely follow the below mentioned tips:

  • The first component of a budget-booking hotel in Makkah is the location which should be never too far nor too close to the central attraction of the city. Most likely budget lodging are located at the middle way which is either short transportation or slight walking distance away from the famous Masjid Al Haram.
  • The second tip one should follow is the user’s or customer’s reviews or ratings. Always read what previous guests or customers have to say about a particular hotel and whether the same is budget friendly or not.

Checking out the facilities and in-house amenities should also be considered in the list. The amenities of a room should be basic or more than that giving optimum level of staying comfort and a little bit of luxury and royal lush inside.

4 Star Hotels in Makkah

Are you thinking of going for a Hajj or Umrah trip? Is that what going in mind for years to finally fulfil that inner urge to step inside the sacred Masjid Al Haram and say the holy versus of Quran? Well this seems to be long-lasting wish for a majority of Muslim individuals who always feel fascinated by the way people from all across the world complete the acts either through Hajj package, umrah package or even individually.

What if you get a chance to make that journey happens in a matter of short time, and favoured Economy, Luxury or Budget Hajj or Umrah package you have been looking forward to? Well that seems to be fascinating feeling to finally satiate the desire to explore varying regions of Saudi Arabia as well as finding eternal peace and harmony with the highest relevant religious act in Islamic religion.

Think about the Lodging First

At times when you think of booking a package for Makkah as first thing that comes to your mind is the total cost of the same including flight tickets to. But, what most people do not pay attention to is the lodging which is also included in the package.

You have to make sure the fact that whatever hotel is included in the package should have a central location close to Mosque, filled with state of the art facilities, falls under the budget, and surely stand equal to your living standard.

Now in relation to that, we bring you here some of the best and strategically located 4 star hotels in Makkah that you can consider your apt choice of staying in the company of near and dear ones.

  • ElafBakkah Hotel
  • Dar Al Eiman Al Andalus Hotel
  • Al JaadMahbas Hotel
  • Concorde Mina Hotel
  • Al Massa Hotel
  • DrnefAjyad
  • Concorde Makkah

A Spiritual Journey of Performing Hajj and Umrah

Seeking into an act of spirituality is relevant at times to get mental peace and tranquility from life troubles for a while. This being best achieve by way of going to any pilgrim is what makes you feel in spirituality inside.

Especially for Muslims, the thing called religious consciousness is simple to find by embarking upon journey towards Makkah or Madinah in order to perform Hajj or Umrah.

Considered as relevant act of divine worship of Allah, Hajj as well as Umrah is a holy journey to clean one’s mind, body and soul. No doubt in fact that, every single years, people who are Islamic followers tend to perform such religious act in Saudi Arabia after coming from various parts of the globe.

While it is not a mandatory thing to perform any of religious act, but still significance is what matters a lot. It is a known fact that performing “Hajj” has a specific period of time in a year, while “Umrah” can be performed any point of time.

Make your Journey Go Hassle Free with Royal Makkah Tours

If you have made up your mind to get into such holy act of worship by visiting Makkah and Madinah, then make sure to book an overall Hajj package or Umrah package.

Needless to say, that doing everything on your own with regards to ticket and hotel booking, applying for visa, finding a reliable guide and looking for a local transportation system can be time consuming and tiresome at most times.

On the contrary, relying on professional tour operators with their offered Hajj packages and Umrah Packages can get you avail everything with a single best price.

That is the reason; Royal Makkah Tours can be your reliable tour operator in India doing spiritual journey of a lifetime i.e. Hajj and Umrah appropriately and get the fruit of lifelong blessings.

The operators running successfully for years and having a strong network of local as well as international travel agents can make your holy journey goes all the memorable and hassle free.

Real Benefits of Performing Hajj

Being a true Muslim devotee, it is certainly your obligation to perform the sacred act of Hajj. A highest ever religious act of praising unconditional love for Allah and to receive eternal blessings for the lifetime said to be real purpose of performing Hajj.

So much is the popularity of the pilgrimage is that numerous reliable partners offers supreme Hajj packages in categories like pocket-soothing, Deluxe and Luxury.

But, before you get into such act of finally embarking on the journey towards the fifth pillars of Islam. Necessary is to understand the real benefits or mere importance of doing the same at least once in your life.

So, we bring forth you here some of the real benefits of performing holiest and the most sacred act of Hajj:

  • Enriched Status in Society: Since, performing Hajj at least once in a lifetime is certainly not a small thing. Only few have the privilege to step up their feet inside the marvellous Masjid Al Haram and say prayers in the name of Allah. Therefore, if you get a chance to perform the same, the social status tend to increase at an instant.
  • Removal of Past Sins: A genuine fact that, Hajj pilgrimage can remove all your past sins. So, if you are looking for an eternal salvation from the past wrong doings and cannot bear the pain of doing something unethical or unrealistic, then best is to embark upon Hajj and let the thoughts be overpowered with the name of Allah.
  • Jihad for Females: In Muslim community, the term, ‘Jihad’, primarily means inner freedom. Females who get a chance to perform Hajj and get instant freedom from within can achieve the same.
  • Connect Closely with Allah: One of the benefits of Hajj pilgrimage is to know Allah in person and from within. Worshipping His name during the pilgrimage sure to inspires and transpire your soul and help you make a better individual in life.

Now, achieving all such benefits is not a hassle because “RoyalMakkahTours” as Hajj tour operator in delhi an instant gateway to perform Hajj by way of soothing hajj package deals.

Perfect Time to Perform the Sacred Act of Umrah

When you think about going on an Umrah pilgrimage by booking an Umrah package, one thing that keeps hover in mind is the best time to travel.

Well, there is nothing like best time to travel for Umrah as every time is best for you. However, there are certain occasions and month, when you get the most out of this pilgrimage, the overall essence and the memories you create for the lifetime.

So, here we at “RoyalMakkahTours” brings forth you certain time, season and occasion get the most out of this holy act of Islamic pilgrimage.

  • Ramadan Time: If you like to perform Umrah for acquiring eternal blessings from Allah and to experience unbeatable virtue, then nothing can beat the pleasure of performing during Ramadan. The ultimate fasting period let you accomplish wish for performing Umrah to a great extent and also allow you witness numerous pilgrims coming from different parts of the globe.
  • Winter Season: If you like to experience the chilly weather and an exotic time at the mountain region of both Makkah and Madinah, then winter season is best for you. Since, Saudi Arabia is mostly engulfed with a desert area that becomes extremely hot during the day. So, travelling in winter gives you some sort of outside traveling pleasure and memories of a lifetime.
  • December: This time around also, you tend to find some of a cool weather outside in the deserted land and let you travel with ease and comfort.

No matter which season you opt for, Royal Makkah Tours is here to meet your staying and travel requirements with ease. Simply look and book for a perfect looking Umrah package option in a perfect season to create memories for a lifetime.

Ideal Way to Reach Makkah/Madinah in a Packaged Deal

Every single religion has its own spiritual importance, relevance and set terms and conditions. People belong to a particular religion perfectly know as how to get away with life’s vicious circle for a while and devote themselves highest deity in order to seek eternal blessings.

Belief of Muslims in Umrah

The same is the case with people having Islamic belief and are followers of the same. For such individuals paying gratitude towards Makkah is something most relevant act of their life. This is the reason; performing Umrah tour remain at the top of this list to pay gratitude to Allah in a best manner.

This is the reason millions of Islamic followers every single year perform Hajj or Umrah an act of religious blessings. Since, both the pilgrimages have utter importance and possess the same value; still there is a difference between the two.

It is a known fact that Hajj is being performed at the time of Dhul-Hijja, while one can perform Umrah at any point of time in a year. With holy mosques located in Makkah and Madinah, Muslims have to embark upon this long and quite a lengthy journey to seek the blessings of highest deity.

Going in a Package Deal

In order to perform any spiritual act, one thing that is necessary is the way to reach Makkah/Madinah and stay over there for a while.

Economically speaking going in a Umrah group package is much better than making every single travel arrangement all by you. This is mainly in the case of Hajj which is being performed once in a year and have great deal of rush in flights and hotels at that time.

Therefore, pilgrims have the advantage to get in touch with any pioneer and licensed travel agent like “RoyalMakkahTours” to get a quote on Umrah packages and avail the same in a pocket friendly manner.

No matter, if you desire to reach the holy city of Saudi Arabia alone or in the company of near and dear ones, the said travel agent will make all the arrangement like that of flight tickets, visa, local transportation, guide, lodging and several other things including in a single package of yours.

Hajj and Umrah Packages Possess as Comfortable Traveling Deal

Whenever the holy month of Ramadan knocks the door, Muslims of all across the world started planning to embark upon a holy journey towards Makkah and Madinah in order to perform Hajj and Umrah.

Just like any other religious trip for a particular religion, Hajj tours and Umrah tours have been considered as Holy Acts of worship to be performed by Islamic followers.

It has been said that the religious journey is quite mandatory to perform by anyone who is financially, physically and emotionally capable of doing so.

If you fall in this category, then going towards Makkah and Madinah have become must have deal on your part. So, now when it comes to actually going towards the same, there are possible ways to do that:

* On your Own

* By Taking Assistance from Hajj Travel Agents, Umrah Travel Agents or Ramadan Travel Agents

With the help of both the ways you are guaranteed to reach holy cities in Saudi Arabia, but the nature of travel journey fully depends on the option you actually choose.

So, let’s look at the significance of both the options…

On your Own

If you like to take things in your hands only without the interference of any third person, then, this is the way to do that. With that means, you are the own who has to book airline tickets, apply for visa, find and book accommodation, make arrangement for transfer and local transportation.

Since, this particular way gives you the freedom of doing whatever you like but after much struggle and time-consuming process.

Booking a Package

The second and the best option is taking assistance from a reputed travel agency to book your Hajj packages and Umrah packages that include the following:

  • Air tickets
  • Personal choice of hotel
  • Own choice of local transportation
  • Meal facility
  • Tour Guide
  • Hajj and Umrah guidance

and much more

With that means, this particular way is like one step ahead in benefits as compared to first one. On the other side, pilgrims have “RoyalMakkahTours” as readily available trusted travel partners that have years of experience in sending number of people to Makkah and Madinah with a memorable trip experience.

One can fully rely on the same as they have a wide network of travel agents spreading all across the globe, numerous budget packages and customized solutions as per your need and requirements.