4 Star Hotels in Makkah

Are you thinking of going for a Hajj or Umrah trip? Is that what going in mind for years to finally fulfil that inner urge to step inside the sacred Masjid Al Haram and say the holy versus of Quran? Well this seems to be long-lasting wish for a majority of Muslim individuals who always feel fascinated by the way people from all across the world complete the acts either through Hajj package, umrah package or even individually.

What if you get a chance to make that journey happens in a matter of short time, and favoured Economy, Luxury or Budget Hajj or Umrah package you have been looking forward to? Well that seems to be fascinating feeling to finally satiate the desire to explore varying regions of Saudi Arabia as well as finding eternal peace and harmony with the highest relevant religious act in Islamic religion.

Think about the Lodging First

At times when you think of booking a package for Makkah as first thing that comes to your mind is the total cost of the same including flight tickets to. But, what most people do not pay attention to is the lodging which is also included in the package.

You have to make sure the fact that whatever hotel is included in the package should have a central location close to Mosque, filled with state of the art facilities, falls under the budget, and surely stand equal to your living standard.

Now in relation to that, we bring you here some of the best and strategically located 4 star hotels in Makkah that you can consider your apt choice of staying in the company of near and dear ones.

  • ElafBakkah Hotel
  • Dar Al Eiman Al Andalus Hotel
  • Al JaadMahbas Hotel
  • Concorde Mina Hotel
  • Al Massa Hotel
  • DrnefAjyad
  • Concorde Makkah

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