What hajjis don’t know about hajj non-shifting package

Ramazan, the holy month of fasting, has just started. Hajjis from across the globe are visiting Mecca and Medina for ibadat. Every Ramaza, millions of hajjis visit the holy city of Mecca for ibadat and most of them choose hajj non shifting package. Today hajj is religious tourism hence hajjis are offered various packages.

Non-shifting package is special in the sense that the hajjis stay close to hajjHaram throughout the period of hajj. Staying close to Haram is considered a blessing because the hajjis get maximum time for ibadat. If you are going to Mecca this Ramzan then ibadat should be in your mind and you must try staying close to Haram. It is both an opportunity and a blessing.

The non-shifting tour would be expensive. This question will come to your mind as you’ll be lodged in a luxury hotel that is close to Haram. You might think that the travel company will add a tax or convenience charge to the actual cost. But it isn’t the case as there are travel companies that are providing non-shifting as hajj budget package. If you’re going to Mecca this Ramzan then you must take help of a traveler.

Traveling with help will certainly increase your budget but it will also add convenience to your travel. You won’t have to worry about accommodation and for transportation. The traveler will take care of your stay, comfort and convenience and also of your budget. You’re going for ibadat and you must spend your time in ibadat instead of spending on traveling from your hotel to Haram.

Choose hajj non-shifting package and feel blessed. It is affordable and anyone can take advantage of it without worrying about his budget. When you’ve an opportunity to spend your time in ibadat then you must take advantage of it.